Well, I decided to go public.  I’ve been writing a personal e-journal for my own self-enlightenment for so long and I’ve been reading & commenting on other people’s blogs for years and now I’m finally doing it.  I’m putting my anonymous self out there.    I don’t know what took me so long—I suspect it’s some sort of deep-seated insecurity of mine where I prefer not to reveal anything personal, even if it’s shrouded in anonymity.   Probably because I lead a rather mundane life and am afraid that will become all too obvious (to myself) if I write about it.

I know it’s not that big of leap.    I think the impetus for all of this is the knowledge that when I comment on someone else’s blog that it’s not fair.  I know something about them and all they have is my blog-name.   So I’m coming out of the blog-closet.    I know I’m behind the times.   So many of you are on facebook and I’m just starting my blog.  I like facebook, though I find it overwhelming to keep up with all the ‘friends’ and comments, it’s such a time-sucker for me.

Right now I’m watching the Super Bowl.   I’m rooting for the Indianapolis Colts but I have a lot of affection for the Saints and the City of New Orleans, so it’s a Win-Win situation for me.

To my friends in the east – I hope the snowstorm doesn’t create too many hardships.   The pictures I see are beautiful, especially when they’re taken from the comfort of your home where everyone is safe & warm.   I love snow, actually I like “weather” in general and always get energized when something is coming my way, be it snow storms or tornadoes, the two extremes that we experience the most here in Michigan.

 Now I’ll concentrate on the game.   More later….


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