Well, the day is almost finished—at least the obligations.   I somehow scheduled several appointments & too many volunteer hours into one day.   Am not complaining, just whipped.  My son is in a musical at school and all support for it comes from the parents—from the Box Office to the set design.   I have really enjoyed doing my part, but I’m exhausted by all that’s involved over this last 6 weeks. 

 Tomorrow a big snow storm is coming into Michigan—I’m excited since we haven’t had very much snow this year and the season is winding down.   I’m jealous of all the snow the Easterners have had – it looks so beautiful in all the pics.   I look forward to snow days when everything closes down—all obligations are cancelled, expectations are lowered, and errand-running is non-existent.    When all those external temptations & choices are taken away, we read and play games.    (Now, if we could just get rid of the electronic temptations)   I just love it when life gets simple for a day or two.

 Hope it doesn’t miss us and go south…


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